Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bringing Back Medication to the Pharmacy!

A couple of days ago, I had a lady came into the pharmacy to return a medication.  What in the world makes you think you can return medication?  If you pay a copay of $10 or $25 or whatever the pharmacy loses all of the money for the medication as well as the services of filling the medication and paying for the pharmacist and technicians.  Let's say the drug costs the pharmacy $100, and you pay $25 copay with your insurance.  You pay $25 and the insurance company will pay us $85 dollars for a total of $110.  The pharmacy will receive $10 for the pharmacist, the technician, and all the operating costs.  If you return the medication, the insurance company doesn't let us keep the money it gave us, and you get your copay back.  We can't return the medication to our supplier because it is damaged.  We have no idea what you did to the medication even if you did not open it.  You could have left it in you car in the extreme heat or something else.  We cannot dispense it to another person because it is against the law.  She tried to return Voltaren Gel.  She was prescribed too much from the doctor and wanted to return the unopened packs.  I politely declined.  She was so upset, and said she would complain.  My district manager said she had my back, but the patient never called.  We would lose about $200 if I took it back.  Even today a young lady called me and said her doctor called in the wrong medication.  She wanted to return it and exchange it for the correct antibiotic.  I said we could not refund her the money, but she needed to get her doctor to pay for the wrong medication.  You all know how that would go...nowhere.  The best thing to do is question your med at the pick up window.  If it is not what you want, take a moment and call whoever you need to...the doctor, your mom, the patient you are picking up for.  In all cases leave the medication at the pharmacy.  We can usually hold it for 13 days per insurance.  Oh, I know.  You are in such a hurry for a wedding, a flight, a party, or work.  Call ahead of time or set it up on auto refill.

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