Friday, October 8, 2010

Cobra Insurance. The Greatest Government Program Ever!

Cobra is one of the worst government agencies ever.  I have patients come in everyday saying, "I'm on Cobra, and I paid an ungodly amount of money.  Why is it not going through?"  I had this lady come in and say she was on Cobra.  Her husband had lost his job, and they were paying $1000 a month for insurance through Cobra.  He needed a $150 medication, and Cobra would not pay for it.  She started to get very irate.  She called Cobra and started cussing them out about not paying for her husband's meds.  She saw on her bank statement that they cashed her check, and she wanted her insurance to work.  They kept giving her the run around and finally came up with this doosy.  Cobra said that it takes a few months for it to be processed through and insurance to work.  Please keep your receipts, and you will be refunded the money you spent.  I just don't get it.  Pay $1000 and for all your meds and MAYBE we will pay you back.  Awesome, Right?!

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